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Get Your Toddler Talking- Without Confusion, Wait Lists, or even one more second of Mom Guilt”

Personalized, step-by-step, proven strategies and techniques to support your child's speech and language development.

Get the tools and knowledge you need to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses and help them on the road to communication success.

Here's what you'll learn...

Secret #1

The honest truth about milestones — and why “waiting it out” is almost NEVER in your child’s best interest

I'm sure you've been told "just wait and see". Here's why that is BAD advice... and what should you do instead?

Secret #2

How to become your child’s #1 cheerleader & advocate and get them caught up FAST — with or without speech therapy services

Research shows that children learn best from YOU! Learn how you can be your child's support system and teacher, even if they are receiving speech therapy already.

Secret #3

The surprising reason your child is struggling, and how this proven method will make it EASY for them to thrive

The truth is, learning to talk is HARD! There are so many steps our little ones need to master first. Learn how to help your child along the "speech ladder" and get them ready to start talking.

YOU are the expert in your child. But meet the coach that will help you along the way...

My name is Kristi Schlessinger. I'm a speech-language pathologist, childhood development specialist, a mom, and the founder of Little Talkers Little Eaters. Over my 10+ years of experience working with babies and toddlers on their communication (and feeding) skills, I've noticed that the most important element for success is family support. So now, I teach parents how to get their little ones talking and eating successfully!

Today, I'm taking the strategies and principles I use when I work one-on-one with families in speech therapy into your living room. I'll give you the tools you need to help your child.

You are no longer on your own!

What our students had to say about this training:

Jennifer, mom of Karisa

"I'm so excited to have a whole new approach to interacting with my daughter!"

Sarah, mom of Catherine

"I was on a six-month waitlist for therapy services. Working with Kristi has helped me feel confident in my ability to help my child progress even while we are waiting"

Liz, mom of Gregory

"Everyone kept telling me my son was fine and would talk when he was ready. I'm so glad I didn't just wait and sought Kristi's help. I can't believe the process he's made"

This training is especially for you if...

  • you’re the parent of an otherwise typically-developing* little one and brand new to the world of speech and language and overall child development

  • you’ve already noticed that your toddler is struggling to communicate

  • you’ve been asking friends, family members, or your pediatrician for help and advice

  • you’re not convinced you’re doing it “right” or that your child has the tools to thrive

  • you’ve tried out some strategies you’ve found online or sought out speech therapy, but you’re just not seeing the progress you want for your toddler

A note about neurodiversity: if your child has been diagnosed or suspected of Autism, he or she processes language in a different way. Send me a message at to learn more about how I can help you with your child's unique needs!

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